Viva la revolution

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Podcast explosion (over the last 2 years especially) is a full on revolution in digital entertainment. It is now estimated that AMAZING STAT NUMBER XX% have listened to a Podcast series in the last year and XXXXXX. That is partly because we all now have a podcast app, that is brimming with amazing content, right there on our smart-phones. But equally it’s because of the quality and creativity of emerging shows AND the unique way people consume them.


Get engaged

Podcast is a unique form of entertainment. And it’s the only form of digital entertainment that can fully engage you while you do other things. This means that people have finally found a way to deeply enjoy content they love while they are walking, travelling, or picking up discarded peas from under the dining table. In fact xxXXXX says that engagement fact STATS here XXXXXX %


What's the story?

No matter what the genre or subject, storytelling is at the heart of the most successful podcasts, and shows powered by brands are no exeption. With our experience in scripted comedy, TV, radio and content creation, Neat are totally driven by a passion to find and hone great stories that hook people in. Whether with comedy talent,  chat-based formats, drama, documentary or special interest areas, we are never happier than when we are crafting a story that will get listeners hooked.


Total recall

Wondering why podcast led advertising and branded content thinks it’s so darn special? Well here’s a stat that is making old forms of advertising sit bolt upright in the night sweating and shouting for mummy.  Across xx xx 40% of measurable blah blah stat, with an incredible 13% conversion rate to yadda yadda buying stuff blah blah

And the killer part is, as niche is now king, your brands audience is highly targetable and measureable something something via the type of content they love most. Pretty neat eh?