We create attention

We love coming up with great ideas for new audio-shows branded or otherwise in all sorts of genres. Our respective backgrounds in entertainment and content creation is originally rooted in comedy and advertising but our passion extends to drama, documentary, sport, and as many niche subjects as you could shake an extremely niche stick at.  And our combined experience means we are extremely well-placed to help those ideas grow organically with their audiences whether they are commercially funded or just born out of a love of good material.


We create podcast advertising

Our advertising offering can be summed up via three basic routes, but the potential for brands in Podcast world is frankly limitless. Let us explain -


Branded partnerships

For us, this is where the revolution really gets interesting. For the first time big brands are finding that by powering, or sponsoring genuinely original, relevant audio content that ‘fits’ with their product or service, they can build deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customers. I mean hey, why bang your drum too loud when you can hang out back-stage looking cool amirite?


Audio ads

Straight up audio ads. Self-contained, beautifully honed pre-roll and mid-roll ads borne of great writing and delivery have incredible power in the podcast space.


Native advertising

Having highly respected audio-talent weaving carefully written messaging into their much-loved podcasts is a super-intimate and very effective way of getting your brand into the ears of a loyal and trusting audience. After all, there’s nothing like word of mouth from someone you like.